Definitely not cookie cutter home accessories.

We're a family owned and operated business that specializes in solid wood furniture, unique and eclectic accessories and gift items you won't find next door in your chain store.

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There’s a name for mass produced furniture. We just can’t say it here.


Hardwood furniture this unique is hard to find.

No one offers solid wood furniture with as much character as Chatham Home. It’s easy to love, easy to repair and easy to find a soft spot for every piece.

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We stand behind all the upholstery and leather you end up sitting on.

Just like a house, we believe a piece of furniture should start with good bones. Then we let you work at your own pace with our resident interior designer to find the perfect style and color of upholstery or leather.

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We don’t look at accessories like they are accessories.

Everything at Chatham Home must stand on it’s own from a design sense. Even our extras must have that little something extra.

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You know it’s a great gift when you want to give it to yourself.

That’s the test all our selections must pass. It ensures you’ll give a gift that no one else gives and that everyone else wants.

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